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Change log

Version 2.1.0 28-August-2023

-UI Alignment fixes in tables
-Tooltip added for actions
-Collapsed sidebar click issue fixed
-Shifts, Teams active inaction option added,
-Page title added
-Bug fixes and improvements
-In visits clients search by name, address, number, contact person added,
-Plugins updated,
-Change password added
Bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.0.0 19-July-2023

-Whole new Admin Panel UI (Bootstrap 5.2)
-Realtime Notification for Admin Panel (GPS Status Change, Leave, expense request and chats)
-Dark Mode in Admin Panel
-Redesigned Chat Interface
-Dashboard Graphs
-Bug fixes and enhancements
-RTL Support in App (Arabic and English)
-New loading animation in mobile app
-Status & Settings page added
-Plugins updated

Version 1.5.0 16-May-2023

IOS app beta build (Initial version)
-Signboard request removed
-Client details added with action button in App
-Side navigation added and bottom menu updated in App
-Device Remove option added in admin portal
-Bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.4.0 15-Mar-2023

-Client Visit with photo upload & location details added in app and portal
-Device Management Screen Added in Admin panel and in employee profile
-Employee View Redesign in the portal
-Device validation and verification flow added in the app and portal
-Leave Balance added in App and portal for employees
-Dynamic Role-based access control added
-In the Dashboard of the admin panel team view switch added
-Employee profile picture added in portal
-Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.1 06-Mar-2023

-Bug Fixes

Version 1.3 03-Mar-2023

-Check In out now need fingerprint/pin verification to proceed
-Twilio SMS API added for password reset
-Push notification fixes
-Expense request with images added to the app
-Expense request approval added in the admin panel
-Client creation added to the app
-Bug Fixes
-Settings Page added

Version 1.2 18-Feb-2023

-Employees Account block and unblock added
-Portal users delete function added
-Portal UI Cleanup
-Bug Fixes

Version 1.1 08-Feb-2023

-Bug Fixes

Version 1.0 27-Jan-2023

-Initial Release