Manager App Setup

Backend Setup

Step 1: Extract the zip and open the file.

Step 2: Copy the Manager Folder.

Step 3: Paste the Manger folder in the ESSWebApi.

Step 4: Click on the ESSWebApi.

Step 5: Open the Extensions and Click on the ServiceExtension.cs

Step 6: You can see the Command in line 111.

Step 7: Uncommand the line 111.

Step 8: Add this line in the project.

Step 9: Run the project and you are good to go.

Flutter App setup (Android)

Step 1: Extract the zip and open the file.

Step 2: Open the main file in the Android Studio.

Step 3: Once the project opened, open the pubspec.yaml file and click on the pug get in the top right corner or go to the terminal and cd into the project folder then run this command

flutter pug get

This will install all dependencies.

Setting Map API keys

Step 1: From the project, root go to android->app->main-> AndroidManifest.xml file

Step 2: In the AndroidManifest.xml file scroll down and paste the google maps API keys

Step 3: Go to lib->utils->app_constants.dart and paste the map's key in mapsKey const

Firebase Setup

Step 1: Open Firebase Console and click on your project

Step 2: Once the project dashboard opens, click on the flutter icon.

Step 3: In this step just install the Firebase CLI and login to the CLI with your account and click next.

Make sure your Firebase CLI is working well and added to the system environment variable by opening in command prompt and firebase --version.

Step 4: You can skip the 3rd step as we already configured everything for you. So click on continue.

Changing Base URL

Step 1: Open lib->api->api_routes.dart file.

Step 2: Then replace the BaseURL and ManagerBaseURL value with your server IP (where your backend API project is running)

Don’t change the port only update the IP address

Step 3: Then connect your Android device or open an emulator and run the Project that’s all you are good to go.

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