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Firebase Setup

We use firebase for push notifications, so in this section, we'll set up the firebase project. Later we'll configure it in the Admin Panel and Flutter App.
Step 1: Log into the firebase console ( and click on create a project
Step 2: Give a name to the project
Step 3: Click continue
Step 4: Review and click continue
Step 5: Choose the Google Analytics project if you have enabled Google Analytics for this project, then click Create a project
Step 6: Once it’s created click on continue
Step 7: In the Firebase dashboard get started section, click the settings gear icon in the top left corner.
Step 8: Click on the Project settings options
Step 9: In the project settings click on the Cloud Messaging tab.
Step 10: Now we need to enable the Cloud Messaging API (legacy) for push notifications, click on the three dots.
Step 11: Click Manager API in Google Cloud Console
Step 12: This will open the API in the Google Cloud Platform, click on the enable button to enable the API.
You have to set up the Google Cloud Account with Active billing first see this section
Step 13: Once it enables you can see this screen
Step 14: Then go back to the Firebase Console -> Project Settings -> Cloud Messaging and copy the Server Key & SenderID (we need to paste these values in the server setup in the appsettings.json file)