Import & Export Addon

The Data Import & Export Addon is a simple utility that makes importing and exporting data from the Field Manager easier. This Addon is ideal for data transfer and backups.

Extracting the downloaded files

Step 1: Extract the downloaded zip and open the Data Import & Export addon folder.

Step 2: Copy the CZ.Web.DataImportExport folder.

Step 3: Paste it in the root directory of the Field Manager Server Project.

Configuring the Web Portal

Step 1: Open Field Manager Vx.x.x.sln file in Visual Studio. Right-click on the Addons folder and select Add -> Existing Project.

Step 2: Go to the Field Manager Server project root and open the CZ.Web.DataImportExport folder.

Step 3: Select the CZ.Web.DataImportExport.csproj file and click open to import the project into solution.

Step 4: Now, right-click on the ESSWebPortal project and select the Add -> Project Reference.

Step 5: Select the CZ.Web.DataImportExport project and Click OK.

Step 6: Open FeatureExtensions.cs from the ESSWebPortal -> Extenstions folder.

Step 7: Paste the below-mentioned code inside the AddFeatureDataImportExport method.

 var assembly = typeof(CZ.Web.DataImportExport.Controllers.ImportExportController).Assembly;


 services.Configure<MvcRazorRuntimeCompilationOptions>(option =>
     option.FileProviders.Add(new EmbeddedFileProvider(assembly));

After pasting the code will look like this

Verifying the addon installation

Step 1: In the Field Manager Vx.x.x solution run both API & Web projects in the Flutter test profile. Once the project launches. Login using the admin credentials and click on the module section in the top right corner to open the add-ons page. If you can see the addon version, then your Addon is now activated. If there is any error kindly make sure that all the above-mentioned instructions are followed correctly.

If you get any API communication error on this module page. make sure your API base URL is properly specified in the settings.

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